Almost 20 years can hold a lot. Below are highlights from our projects carried out in recent years. Long-term customer relationships and high customer satisfaction enable our business continuity from year to year. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Demolition of old yard buildings and rock and earthworks, Tuusula

04/2021 – 05/2021

Tuusula, Ristikivenmäki; demolition of old courtyard buildings, rock excavation works and site improvement works. Re-excavation of the previously excavated roadside embankment after rail drilling.
– Rail drilling,
– rock drilling,
– excavation notices,
– excavation, filling with mats and loam, protected with mats and loam,
– blasting, crushing, dredging,
– mulching and seeding of lawns.

Excavation works for the new substation portal, Sipoo, Masby

02/2020 – 03/2020

Sipoo, Masby; rock excavation works in the immediate vicinity of the old operating substation. Removed depth 6 m in four layers of excavation. Excavated volume approx. 900 m3.
– Rock cleaning,
– marking – boundaries and heights, rock drilling,
– quarrying notices,
– staking, backfilling with mats and loam for protection,
– blasting, declaring safe,
– emptying the resulting pit of loam.


Excavation and foundation for a detached house, Kauniainen

06/2019 – 09/2019

Kauniainen; rock quarrying in a residential area. Construction of the foundation of a detached house. Quantity extracted 550 m3.
– Earth excavation/mechanical cleaning, rock cleaning by blowing,
– marking – boundaries and heights, rock drilling,
– excavation notices, preparation of an excavation safety plan,
– staking, filling, de-hazing, blasting, fracturing, loading.

“Based on years of experience, I find Maanrakennus J. Karell to be a reliable and cost-effective partner with whom it is easy to do business”

Kari Anttila
Property Manager
Nordic Morning Oyj

Construction of temporary facilities, Kirkonkylä school, Tuusula, and Rajakylä day care centre, Vantaa

03/2018 – 07/2018

Tuusula, Kirkonkylä school; construction of temporary facilities 2 pcs.
Vantaa, Rajakylä day care centre; construction of temporary facilities 1.
– Breaking the frost (Tuusula), clearing, water and sewerage works,
– Installation of debris insulation, installation of drainage and guttering pipes,
– Levelling and sealing of foundations, P-zone, play area and lawns, asphalting.

Clearing, demolition, excavation and foundation for a new detached house, Helsinki

05/2017 – 07/2017

Helsinki; clearing, removal of stumps, demolition of an old detached house, excavation, earthworks and construction of the foundation for a new detached house.
-Excavation and stump removal,
-demolition of an old detached house,
-rock cleaning, excavation: open pit 550 m3, channel 50 m3/m2,
-soil construction.

“Cooperation with Maanrakennus J. Karell has been smooth and easy. The projects have been carried out as agreed. Together with Juuso Karell we have been able to save significant amounts of time and money during the implementation of the projects by planning and surveying the work sites. With joint actions we have managed to have extremely accurate boundary conditions and requirements met at the site. I recommend J. Karell Oy to implement your demanding projects”

Timo Kelloniemi
Procurement Manager
Environics Oy

The U.S. Embassy

02/2012 – 08/2014

The U.S. Embassy, Itäinen puistotie 14, Helsinki

– Excavation work
– The amount of stone splitting work: 1,100 solid cubic meters
– The amount of rock excavation: 24,000 solid cubic meters
– The amount of open rail drilling: 4,000 m2

Nordic Morning Helsinki

04/2014 – 10/2014

Nordic Morning Oy, parking lot, Hakuninmaantie 2, Helsinki
– Excavation work
– The amount of rock excavation: 18,000 solid cubic meters
– The parking lot built: 1,2 ha
– Construction work at the site will continue in the spring 2016

Demolition of an old house


Ruotsinkylä, Tuusula, Demolition of an old house, approx. 150 m2. -Demolition of the old house, waste sorting and disposal services.

Implementation of a single house plot, Tuusula

07/2007, 09/2008, 5/2011

Implementation of a single house plot, Tuusula.
– Deforestation, demolition (an old house), foundation for the new house, sanitary and power connections, landscaping..

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

07/2014- 08/2014

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, construction of an anti-skid station.
– Rock drilling, rock excavation and rock excavation protection work.

Demolition of an old house and implementation of the foundation for a new house, Helsinki

03/2011 – 04/2011

Laajasalo, Helsinki, demolition of an old house and implementation of the foundation for the new house.
-Deforestation, demolition of the old house,
-Cleaning the rock, rock excavation: opencast excavation 1000 m2, canal 45 m3/m2,
-Foundation of the building, sanitary and power connections, footing and foundation wall backfills.

“Karell has come to the site with a great attitude and quality in mind. The work has been done professionally and within the agreed time frame. The outcome has been good and, above all, functional. Partners have supported nicely Karell’s operations and logistics have worked well. I recommend Maanrakennus J. Karell when you want high-quality and precise work done at a site where environmental issues and the existence of neighbors must be considered. Working with J. Karell has been easy and they have given a reliable picture of their activities. They also give you invaluable tips and guidelines when you have no idea where to proceed next.””

Harri Savinainen
Managing Director
Siprosol Oy