Our services

Our approach is encapsulated in comprehensiveness, quality and efficiency. Our services include all work from challenging deforestation and demolitions to detailed finishing works. Special open line drilling and rock excavation works are also included in our services. Read more about how we do it.

Excavation work

We will provide the excavation services all the way from topsoil removal and clearing trees to landscaping and yard work.

Rock drilling and open line drilling

Our expertise is emphasized in rock and open line drilling. We will carry out even challenging drilling works efficiently with our wide range of special machinery.

Rock excavation

We have strong expertise and experience in all forms of rock excavation. We are able to carry out rock excavation works from small to large scale efficiently and safely.

Demolition work

We work at sites comprehensively, at all stages of a project, starting from the demolition phase. We are able to carry out effectively even the most challenging demolition projects as part of our excavation work.

Equipment rentals

Our activities include rental of ramps, heavy-duty barriers and compressors. Our leased equipment is always precisely maintained and in perfect working order.